A Broad Wednesday

We had a great sail, longest of the year and therefor longest in Capella. HW was 1324 and we got to the club around 11:30, so past 12noon by the time we have once again swapped over the span rope so we would blow off the mooring.  (We forgot to turn on the GPS so no idea about when how fast how far).

Once through the bridge we put up the main – then spent the next ten minutes getting the riding turn off the winch.  We ended up ‘unwrapping’ the halyard half a turn and taking it across to the other winch and winching it free.

With the wind mainly on the beam we seemed to be going well enough with just the main so relaxed and let Capella amble down past Pin Mill and off to Levington.  We gauged out speed against other boat, those with two sails went faster, the Centaur with just the Genoa about the same, so we carried on while having lunch.  We thought about getting down to the Trimley buoy, but there was a speed boat down there so we turned just past the entrance to Suffolk Yacht Harbour.

This was just after 2pm and we started to feel the difference going against the tide, so we finished the coffee and pulled out the Genoa, wow that was a surge of acceleration. We speed back up the river against the increasing ebb barely touching the sails.  It seemed in no time we were back at Wolverstone – easily avoiding the two dinghy packs this time and back passed Pond Ouse to drop the sails.

Picked up the mooring easy enough, but somehow Minimus (the dinghy) had got herself all tangled in the ropes – the crosswind making things more difficult unravel the ropes over the top of Minimus rounds the engine – how she managed that I’ll never know, I daresay some motorboat wash contributed hugely.  Anyway Capella was tied up and put to bed and we went home tired but happy.