The sailing season that never was.

Capella had been in Foxes for a long time getting work done on her. Not Foxs fault on the delays, Capella was too damp to CopperCoat so she had to wait well into the s before she ready to paint.

Being in Foxes meant I didn’t go through the usual preparation as well as usual – more on that later.

Eventually Capella was launched on 24th June and moored on a pontoon ready for the short trip across the creak to the OYC and then on to the mooring. First issue was the battery wouldn’t start the engine – I borrowed another from the yard with some jump leads and all it started OK

The next problem was Capella at 26’ was moored between 2 other yachts, an Oyster 54 ( worth around £1.5m) and a Oyster 72 (worth around £3.5m), with Capella’s bow level with the smaller Oyster’s bow and her stern overlapping the Larger Oyster’s bow. I went for the harbour master for help – which he happily gave. Usng his knowledge and experience we moved Capella froward to overlapped the smaller Oyster’s bow and then sprung Capella’s stern out with relative ease into clear water.

From there on it was a continuous tail of woes, too windy, no wind, flat battery, mail sail jammed so would go up and so on.

To top it all I had forgotten to anti-foul the new prop. We got of the mooring OK as we basically blow of the span rope of the trot mooring but found we could only motor into the wind or have the wind behind us. We tried to get back on the mooring and failed so tried to get to the club. We ended up beached on a falling tide and has to be towed in. At high tide we got on to the scrubbing posts and we confirmed what we thought – lots of barnacles around the prop and sail-drive. The season was almost at an end and we where booked to come out 2 weeks later.

We never got passed Wolverstone (less than 2miles from the mooring)