Another non sail

We decided to try and go sailing on Sunday – weather in Felixstowe looked OK but we got to the club and it wasn’t so promising. As we were there we decided to go and check on Capella, particularly in view of the water in the cabin last time. Our friend Jeremy had also mentioned that onside of the spray hood was flapping a bit.

We got out there and there was a big black cloud heading our way and as a consequence the wind was picking up too – we decided to sit and wait for it to pass and do a few little jobs while we waited. So important things got done, like

  • Putting reminder stickers on the boom and at the top of the cabin steps.
  • Adding the snap shackles to the bunting, used for bird scaring.
  • Finding a small bungee to stop the main halyard flapping incessantly.
  • Sorting out the 2 existing tool boxes to a more usable small one and a now liftable large one.
    (Still further work to do here as the bigger one won’t fit in the locker, may need to get another small one and reduce the duplication further.)
  • Failed on the water filter replacement as it seems to have gone walkies.

After having our packed lunch watching the world drift by, including the sailing barge Melisa, we decided to pack up and go home – especially as there was another ominous set of black clouds heading our way.   A family of swans came swimming past as we were loading the dinghy – a little too close for comfort for the skipper at beak level in Minimus, however all passed off with no incident.

Motoring back to the club we felt the first spots of rain, by the time we had pulled the dinghy to the racks it started raining. It was a hasty unload of the dinghy into a trolley and then from the trolley to the car and locker so we only got damp rather than soaked. Luckily we beat the weather to Felixstowe to unload in the dry – but when it did arrive it lasted the rest of the afternoon, refilling the water butt almost completely.

Still the little jobs on Capella are getting done – one day we’ll get to sail her.