Bottom Scrub

In the haste to bring Capella back from Leigh-on-Sea* the saildrive leg never got antifouled, there were also some other jobs that would benefit from the boat being stable, such as moving the forestay back and getting the navigation lights working.  So on the Friday me and Ken brought Capella on to the scrubbing post at the club, the boat seemed a bit sluggish under engine but we were towing the dinghy.

While we waited for the water to go moved the forestay.  Not a trivial job – loosen all the rigging, rig a temporary forestay using the spinnaker pole up-haul, disconnect the clevis pin at the bottom of the forestay and reconnect it ‘simples’ J.  It actually went OK but we could only move it back from the forward to the middle hole as one of the bolts holding the bow roller on fouled the rearmost one.

The whole boat got pressure washed and the hull antifoul seemed to be doing its job.  The saildrive and the prop especially were covered in barnacles, no wonder the engine was struggling to move the boat through the water.  Lot of scrapping later they were clean and almost ready to paint tomorrow.

There is something strange with the electrics but neither of the navigation lights are getting power – but it was a very hot day and too warm to spend with your head in dark corners of the cabin, next to a still warm engine – the light will have to wait for another day, and some more diagnostic tools (OK  a battery and croc clips to trace which wire is which)

Next day was lot of cleaning by Wifey, painting on antifouling and retuning of the rigging.  While waiting for the tide to come back and float the boat we had a little row through Bourne Bridge, you can’t go very far because of the sluice gates but quite interesting all the same.

Soon Capella was afloat and it turned out to be an easy departure, and back to the mooring.  We had a brief chat about going for a quick sail down the river – but ended up relaxing on the deck enjoying the sun. (Fortunately it was one of the days there was no smell from the sewage works just across the river)


*Leigh-on-Sea always sounds like it’s the subject of a KT Tunstall song i.e “Suddenly I see Leigh-on-Sea, this is what I wanna be etc.”