First Sail of the Season?

We went down to Capella intending to go out for the first sail of the season. Nice sunny evening nice breeze, just one little job to do before we set out. The top most sail batten needed to be put in but we had to get the length of Velcro and tape out first. So Wifey set to do that while I moved the span rope, connecting the two mooring buoys, to the other side as I wanted to be blow off the mooring.

The wind was pushing Capella on to the span rope and trying to motor off against the wind is difficult even in light airs. The span rope had spent all winter in the river, gathering seaweed and mussels, most of which I had scraped off or had now dried out and fell off. Double Sheet BendThere was also tension in the rope and despite adjusting the mooring lines, which are supposed to take the load, the wind kept up just enough tension so that I couldn’t untie the double sheet bend connecting the two halves of the span rope, the knot ‘helped’ but a goodly amount of seaweed growing through it.

In the end we gave up and decided to do a few jobs and have tea on the moorings instead – the wind felt like it was increasing and would not be the gentle first sail we have envisaged.

Head in the Head

Time to take the loo apart to see if I could fix the broken pump, it looked like a nut had just come unscrewed from the shaft, and this is what it turned out to be. However it took the removal to 7 screws and 3 pipes to get to the offending parts and of course the spilling of whatever remained in the pipes, thankfully mostly seawater as I was giving the head a good flush though when it failed.

So an hour later with the nut glued in place to help it resist undoing again, and the whole contraption put back together we now have a working loo again.

Time for tea and watch the world go by, the first sail will have to be another day.