First Sail!

We went out Saturday afternoon with Wifey and Jeremy for our first sail.  Angela is not quite fully recovered needs a bit of help with the sheets so we’re going out with 3 aboard until she gets back to full strength.

To leave our trot mooring we needed to move the span ropes across and so we would get blown off, which while taking a bit of time in the preparation worked well.  Once through the bridge we were chatting away about the old causeway, which can still be found with the echo sounder and as it turned out the keels – yup we ran aground.  Seems that the previous owner had turned off the shallow alarm and we (me) weren’t paying close enough attention to the display – still we now that 0m means aground.  We did what should be done in these situations, ‘Don’t Panic and Drink Tea!’  The tide was coming in and we sat there with the engine gently in reverse until we sensed some movement and then gave her full throttle and off we came.

Once back on course, with the wind on her tail we pulled out the enormous 150% Genoa and sailed nicely down passed Wolverstone, where we put DugDug back on furled the Genoa and turned for home.  Then we pulled up the main, and around ¾ of the genoa to beat back, this is where the fun and the work really starts.

Capella  is must less skittish than Cupido, her much higher ballast ratio helps here and she is really stable leaned over giving us confidence in her, needed that reef in the Genoa though  (no ‘Wooh’s from Wifey so that’s a good sign).  Like most J25s Capella has a bit of ‘lea helm’, not a desirable trait and something we’ll have to work out how to cure eventually but I can live with it for now. 

So several tacks, and a lot of usful experience later the wind started to dieaway as we got passed Freston so back on with DugDug and a largely uneventful trip back to pick up the mooring and back to the club.

A great day out with our sailing guru on board