First trip of the season

Tuesday, me and Jeremy Belton (responsible for getting me into sailing in the first place) went out to Capella to get the Genoa up, the reefing lines on and give her her first sail of the season.

All went more or less to plan, reefing a the mast is different to Cupido or Katherine Rose (Jeremy’s Hunter Horizon 26)  as the ropes are run back to the cockpit (very sensible).  The only problem was the sailing bit, we motored down the river to the reassuring ‘dug-dug-dug’ of the the 33 year old  single cylinder Volvo Penta MD5A diesel – all 7 1/2 horses of raw power.  The mirror finish to the water and the Toppers paddling back to Woolverstone told us there was to be no sailing tonight.

We motored down to Pin Mill turn back and ate tea on the way home .  We did feel a bit of a breeze at one point so as the main was still up we gave it ago. We did move, just about had steerage way, but we needed to be home before Thursday. After one tack, mostly to see what the sail handling was like, and about 5 minutes under sail we rolled up the Genoa, put DugDug back in gear and motored back the mooring.

A very pleasant evening well spent.