Getting ready to go 2

The extra month gave me time to cross some more things of the list and most importantly get the engine going again.

The Aerial is now connected – though the radio complains that there is no GOS signal (I have no GOS receiver at the moment so no surprise there).

More sorting out of the cables and ran a 7 core trailer cable to a small box underneath the mast (in the heads) to tidy thins up and add a couple more wires for future upgrades (a deck light and a solar panel).

Installed a Whale SuperSub 650 bilge pump that came with the boat but had never been fitted – I can only run in manual mode until I find a suitable switch and wire direct to the house battery.

The Engine
I manage to find all the bits and get the engine running. I had to change the oil a couple of times as water had got in there too, and the filter.
After a good clean and tidy all-round it feels like we’re ready to go.