Hottest Day of the year…

… and only one place to be was on the river.  We arranged for our friend Ken to come with us, much to his wife Laurie’s delight, it was Wimbledon Men’s Final Day and she would be able to watch it in peace with a couple of likeminded fiends and half a ton of strawberries (ok perhaps not half a ton)

Wind was a bit light at best so we motored down to Pin Mill and picked up a mooring for lunch.  Just as we settled down the wind pickup of course but we sat and had lunchanyway, enjoying the fresh air blow across the deck. We sat for a good hour chatting and watching the world sail passed with the occasional ‘interesting’ moment  – like the bowsprit coming towards you for some time before moving neatly round our stern at the last minute.  While we sat there the wind increased and we decided not to beat into it (too lazy) instead we just slipped the mooring, pulled out the Genoa and raced back to the Orwell Bridge with just couple of gybes to keep the wind in the right place.  For once we attempted to sail through the bridge, but the wind was all over the place so we quickly started the engine (so nice to be able to do this) and motored back to the mooring. 

After a great day out on the river we were still home in time to see the historic final set of the Murray final – what a match that was.