Just the two of us

After a couple of trips with a 3 aboard we decided it was time to go it alone, just me, Angela and perfect weather.  Nice smooth release from the moorings gentle chug though the bridge, only a slight change of direction to put the main up.  Pull out most of the Genoa – reefed again as it’s a bit big for beating up the river and we were away.  First few tacks where mostly working out what Angela could do and how best to work the boat, still needs some practice to get the short tacks slick but given time to prepare we’re near enough there.

We needed the short tacks when working out way close to the Wolverstone toppers, the dinghies were ok and but a rubber boat (not an official safety boat) decided to try and put up a moving blockage in case we invaded ‘their’ section of river, reasonable concern for the kids I guess but felt a bit heavy handed.  We’re used to working our old yacht Cupido through there and always keep a close eye on the dinghies; working out the course they are using and timing our tacks so as to keep as much out of the way as that narrowed section allowed.   We passed Jeremy on KR on her way home through there but no time for much more than a wave before the next tack.

On we went beyond Nacton Quay and almost to Butt before deciding that tea was more important tangling with other boats so we turned to for a run home, drinking tea and avoiding crash gybes.  Getting the main down was ‘interesting’ as we tried to do it on the run – we got there eventually but the skipper needs a bit more practice on that one.  Funny thing about having the wind behind you, you feel like you’re not moving but actually you making reasonable progress up the river and reach the bridge in no time.
The two of us are going to work this boat fine – and every sail make me more sure she was the right boat for us