Season one – review

The first season on Capella and we learnt a lot about her. 

·         The Genoa is too big for upwind, so always put a couple of rolls in it – otherwise lea helm is a huge issue.

·         The engine is not fond of chilly days but start eventually

·         Always ‘blow off’ the mooring.

·         Don’t have a bottle-screw on the forestay (Fixing the Roller reefing)

·         Don’t use a flexible funnel to put oil in the gear box

We had some really good sails in her and hope to do some overnights this year – may be even out to see (well as far as Walton Backwaters anyway)

Still a long to do list and more money needed to through in the fibreglass hole in the water (but she’s worth it J)

So for the new season it will be

·         New standing rigging

·         New anchor chain

·         New set of 3 clutches

·         VHF aerial  actually connected to the VHF Radio

·         New GPS aerial (primarily for the VHF Radio)

·         All the switches moved to an accessible location

Along with all the usual commissioning jobs – going to be a busy and expensive spring.