The Water Pump conundrum

We have a pressurised water system on Capella, installed by the previous owner. It has been working fine until late last year, come the close season I forgot all about it.

The other day I decided to take a look. I could hear the pump running so it had power OK. I checked the pipe was clear, that was OK too. Tested it with water in jug next to the pump, but still nothing. In the end I removed to take home to test.

Assuming the diaphragm was probably faulty, I looked make and model to see how much a spare one would cost. Then I spotted it – it’s a 24v pump being powered by a 12v system! So this 12LPM pump was working at half power.

So I considered the options,

  • fix this one (~£35 for a new diaphragm)
  • go back to the manual pumping (2x~£35 for new taps)
  • get a new 12v pump (£60,56)

I’ve ended up ordering a new Jabsco Par-Max 1.9 Automatic Pressure Pump 12v and 7LPM, so probably around the same output as the one it replace. Just got to wait fro it to arrive and fit it