Water pumps

Water pumps seem to be the problem area for Capella this year.

Friday I picked up and fitted the new pump, all went fine, the small kinks (30 degree bends) in the connections where no longer there so the run of the flexible pipes not quite as nice, but OK. Tried to start the engine and the batteries were flat – well not enough in them to turn the engine. Getting two large batteries out of Capella and into the tender was ‘fun’. The bigger battery weighs 25Kg (a 100ah Yuasa Cargo) and a smaller one, a 80ah battery, thankfully lighter

So it’s now Saturday morning with 1 fully charged and one mostly charged battery sitting in the dinghy. There is no good way to do this on your own but and least in the creek the water is calm. So a dead lift up to chest level with one arm while trying to stop the dinghy moving too far with the other to get to the point of balancing on a piece of hull around 2” wide trying not to short out the contacts on the pushpit all get safely aboard and once connected the engine starts and at last, water flows out.

Now all is well again in the world I give a couple of members form the waiting pontoon the finger pontoon, helpful to have a couple of crew to help moor up and impotently for them the pontoon which is connected to the shore. I call for my crew (Wifey) and while she journeys to the club I flush the water tank and fill it up. Once we are all ship shape again we head off for a short trial of the engine (at least 45mins) down to the new? Mulberry buoy and back to our moorings near the Orwell Bridge. We had lunch while we chugged and drank juice with the usual consequences. We had to use the loo.


Another water pump failure

I was pumping the heads and had got it clear and giving it a good flush, and the handle and shaft come out the top of the pump. So now something is wrong with the loo. It’s a TMC Manual toilet and I have no instructions. A search of the internet is providing little information apart from I can buy a new one and a refurbishment kit, hummmm.

On the bright side Capella is ready to sail and we have a bucket if needs must.  Just need to get sailing now.